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Why do we have so much confidence in LoMoCoin?

March 30, 2016

1. Excellent insight and cross-over strategy

The LoMoCoin team has been focusing on digital currency and mobile Internet for years and leading the tide. Being a big picture thinker with deep insight into new business model, the LoMoCoin team knows well digital currency is in no way just a slogan, and it should be combined with industry application. Also, cross-over will raise the barrier high, thus making LoMoCoin the unicorn in this field for years.

2. Clear business model

Building on experience in cross-over industry and agile market insight, LoMoCoin creates a new closed-loop business model that players play and get currency for free and the shop owners pay for it. Mutually benefiting between digital currency and app drive the spiral growth of the entire ecosystem. LoMoCoin will definitely be the fastest-growing digital currency app and ecosystem.

3. Top team members

For now, LOMOCOIN has a team of some 20 talents, with tech masters developing block chain and digital currency for four years, a number of geeks outstanding for front-end and back-end development of Internet apps, as well as veteran product managers in digital currency and game, marketing & promotion aces knowing well Internet culture and post-95s culture. Core team members have been working together for over five years, delivering tacit and stable operation.

4. Excellent execution

The LoMoCoin team is excellent in concept, planning, product design, as well as technological realization of multi versions at both front end and back end.

Born in November 2015, LoMoCoin has completed its primary planning at the end of December and entered the phase of rapid product design & development in January 2016. The LoMoCoin team is the first one, among its domestic peers, to be able to and try to develop three versions (WeChat H5, iOS, Android) at the same time, and the first private beta test version was launched in early April.

5. Favorable capital environment

The block chain and digital currency enjoy great popularity in both China and other countries. Major venture capitals are entering this field on a large scale, and there are already dozens of cases financing for over millions dollars, for example 21e6, DAH, Chain, Circle, Coinbase, and Bitpay. China also witnessed investment of millions yuan in this field.

The birth of LoMoCoin is welcomed by such favorable capital environment. Before its launch, the team has already won 2,000,000 yuan angle investment. Powered by capital, LoMoCoin is bounded to grow at a fast pace.