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This newsletter contains the developments and the next step of LomoCoin team.

Dear customers, fans and friends of LoMocoin, first of all, thank you for always being concerned about LoMoCoin team. Your enthusiasm and kind suggestions to our team encourage us in the development and make our team more and more robust and firm. Our faith in next step of the product development and the LoMoCoin ecosystem grows stronger and stronger.

Second, we are sorry for the majority of users. Because of the complex technical challenges, some QA works, complex overseas cooperation resources and channel preparation, LoMoCoin 2.0 version, which estimated to be released by the end of June release, will be postponed until mid-late July.

But we also have good news, during the months of a dormitory, we are planning to implement a series of major technological upgrades and business model upgrades.

Major issue I: LoMoCoin 2.0

First of all, LoMoCoin APP will release brand new 2.0 version, which will completely change the original LMC free distribution mechanism. This version will establish and consolidate LoMoCoin’s vision of O2O marketing business closed-loop and ecosystem.

On the basis of the original pattern – explore the red envelope on the map – it achieves innovation in advertising, attention economy and traffic economy. Not only UI / UE design will be a new look, the more exciting thing is that we will import a new Advertising and marketing system based on blockchain assets. A multi-level agent distribution system will be deployed referring to microboss industry booming in recent years. Capable users can act as an agent to gain rebate of crypto assets or directly legal money. LoMoCoin will be the first blockchain application to deploy a multi-level agent distribution system with total compliance

At the same time, LoMoCoin 2.0 will support multi-language and multi-cryptocurrencies.We will closely cooperate with the local partners in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, Russia where blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry grows fast, to carry out more down-to-earth promotion and development.

We estimate that we will hold LoMoCoin 2.0 launch conference & the global investment conference in mid-late July.

We will invite members of the LoMoCoin, all the friends who are concerned about LoMoCoin, willing to grow together and gain profits with LoMoCoin all around the world to gather together and seek common development of LoMoCoin.

Major issue II: Innovation of LoMoCoin BlockChain Technology and Business Model

In recent months, the LoMoCoin developer community has been supported by a number of overseas enthusiasts and code contributors who are helping LoMoCoin develop multiple products.

First, LoMoCoin blockchain has been completed the code work to enhance the block uniformity, automatic fast repair for fork etc. And a lot of data is being tested.

Second, our engineers are developing a PC-side full node wallet with a better UI / UE.

Third, an SPV light purse based on LoMoCoin blockchain will also be released in late August.

More importantly, based on the new LMC SPV wallet (Android and IOS) architecture, the overseas developer community will launch a series of fast landing applications, and all of these applications will be open source. These applications have a huge market scale and potential, and overseas promotion and operational resources have been prepared. By then, based on the LoMoCoin blockchain, a totally decentralized product completely different from LoMoCoin APP of marketing advertising model will be released.

Welcome individuals and teams in global range to join us. By using this new open source product, you can reach hundreds of thousands users in LoMoCoin community, which will help you start your own business fast and gain profits worldwide.

Major issue III: Exchange

In order to strengthen the availability of global users of LMC digital assets and meet the liquidity needs in the future, we are preparing a new exchange estimated to be launched in August this year supported by cooperative operations or ICO funding. The exchange will be registered overseas to avoid domestic policy risks, but will strictly comply with national laws. By the opening of the exchange, it will share the user resources of LoMoCoin 2.0 and LoMoCoin SPV product, which will provide fast and stable trading experience for all the users.

In summary, the three major products strategy will enable LoMoCoin ecosystem expansion and further improvement in the second half of this year, playing a mutual promotion and common prosperity.

The LoMoCoin team has been working on the established goals, perhaps through the detours, out of the pit, but we have never left everyone, and we have a highly efficient industry thinking and mode adjustment ability. In the next release of several products, please stay tuned. LoMoCoin will create different new value in the future, hoping to head forward with you as usual, to create a more solid blockchain application and dig value in the blockchain industry tide.

LoMoCoin team