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LoMoCoin (LMC): First LBS Block-chain Business Model Building on Mobile Internet

April 18, 2016

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I. About LoMoCoin

LoMoCoin (LMC for short) is the world's first block-chain digital currency system thriving on LBS and mobile Internet. LoMoCoin marks the first mobile app attempting to bring together offline shops' demand for human traffic directing, player participation in entertaining games, and block-chain digital currency. The brand new LBS treasure hunting mode says goodbye to the traditional boring experience and makes the hunting process more interesting. The app enables players to explore on the map and in reality to get LMC and special offers from shops, and shops to win the high-value O2O traffic created by players, bridging between players and shops for value exchange and traffic monetizing in a different way.

LoMoCoin marks a milestone for exploring and experimenting the technology commercialization of block-chain digital currency, and will definitely become the digital currency app which forms the biggest user group and ecosystem at the fastest speed. This unique and innovative business model, coupled with strong technological strength and efficient execution, has won the team 2,000,000 yuan angle investment in early March And ICO has been successfully held at the beginning of June.

II. Highlights of LoMoCoin

III. LoMoCoin Parameters and Issue Pattern

Chinese Name: 邻萌宝

English Name: LoMoCoin

Short Name: LMC

Total supply: 1 billion

Currency algorithm: POW to POS

POS interest: 5% for annual

Transfer fee: 0.0001LMC default

Block time: 60 seconds, to be reduced in further update

Issue date: April 18, 2016

Issue pattern:

1.  Issued for free in the game: 600 million (60% of the total) issued in two years, including 240 million in the months 1-6; 180 million in the months 7-12; 120 million in the months 13-18; 60 million in the months 19-24.

2.  Given to angel investors: 150 million (15% of the total), locked for two years from April 18, unfrozen evenly in 8 seasons.

3.  Used for market promotion, third-party cooperation incentive, and building of external ecology: 50 million (5% of the total).

4.  Initial Coin Offering: 100 million (10% of the total). .ICO has been successfully held at the beginning of June.

5.  Held by the development team: 100 million (10% of the total), paid for block chain network, server system, team salary, internal incentive, etc. Locked for two years from April 18, unfrozen evenly in 8 seasons.

IV. LoMoCoin App and Business Model

There are three mobile versions of LoMoCoin. The H5 version (private beta test) for WeChat has been launched on April 18, 2016. Android and iOS versions has been unveiled in late April and May respectively, and can be downloaded at major app stores (Google play is on the way). After opening the app, players can spot nearby treasure chests on the map, and walk up towards to claim LMC within. Players can also create their own treasure chests for friends and classmates to collect, bringing more fun for gathering activities like outing. Shop owners can also create treasure chests with LMC and coupons inside, attracting players to come in and consume.

We will keep updating the app and bring more functions, playing patterns, activities, and diversified game modes for players.

V. Business Roadmap of LoMoCoin

Marketing and operation of LoMoCoin are divided into three phases:

Phase I: Rapid growth of player base, estimated to last for 3-6 months, attracting at least 1,000,000 users.

Early targets are students from colleges (post 90s/95s) and digital currency inventory players of all kinds. Users can play and get LMC for free. There will be additional awards for promotion. Built-in incentive mechanism will rapidly boost word of mouth and user scale.

Phase II: Closed-loop construction and expansion to include offline shops and online service providers to join the LoMoCoin ecosystem.

For regions with intensive users, for example, college area, by organizing official marketing activities and recruiting local players as marketing staff to bring offline shops into the LoMoCoin ecosystem. Marketing staff may be rewarded with more LMC. Shops may enjoy bigger human traffic, thus increasing their profit.

At the same time, LoMoCoin operator would start selecting quality online service providers, including all kinds of mobile Internet apps like networking, broadcasters, mobile game, e-commerce, and money management.

Phase III: Benign Spiral Development

After the former two phases, LoMoCoin would definitely enter a stage of stable rise, and massive new users and shops will keep voluntarily joining in, thus forming the LoMoCoin ecosystem with unpredictable potential.

VI. What are the differences between LMC and other digital currencies?

First, LMC, like Bitcoin and Peercoin, is a kind of block-chain crypto-currency. However, LMC is born after the LoMoCoin business model, and is a digital currency based on LBS and O2O. Bitcoin and other digital money are born first, and then possible business models are devised. However, they are often found to be mismatching, causing lots of inconvenience.

Second, LoMoCoin assimilates advantages of block-chain Bitcoin and Peercoin, including quantity limit and no extra issuing, block-chain general ledger and open transactions checkable. Also, the development of user scale is also totally transparent, and each user will continue to generate income from POS interest, just to name a few. At the same time, LoMoCoin has innovated a lot. For example, three mobile Internet versions of WeChat H5, iOS and Android which meet the demand of more users and lower the barrier for users, digital currency issuing by entertainment methods, and easy access for shops.

In the future, LMC's value sources from:

1.  Players' actual stamina and time consumed, which turn into a huge human traffic, bringing massive trade opportunities and monetizing chances for shop marketing;

2.  Cash paid by shops for sending LMC to players to get traffic;

3.  Real commodities and service specially offered by shops;

4.  App popularity created from ongoing interaction among players and between players and shops;

5.  Outside investors' outlook on the future value of the entire LoMoCoin ecosystem. All these elements form the backed-up value of LMC, which can be seen from LMC's conversion price and total capitalization.

VII. About LoMoCoin team

For now, LoMoCoin has a team of some 20 talents (still expanding), with tech masters developing block chain and digital currency for four years, a number of geeks outstanding for front-end and back-end development of Internet apps, as well as veteran product managers in digital currency and game, marketing & promotion aces knowing well Internet culture and post-95s culture. Core team members have been working together for over five years, delivering tacit and stable operation.

The LoMoCoin team is excellent in concept, planning, product design, as well as technological realization of multi versions at both front end and back end. Born in November 2015, LoMoCoin has completed its primary planning at the end of December and entered the phase of rapid product design & development in January 2016.The LoMoCoin team is the first one, among its domestic peers, to be able to and try to develop three versions (WeChat H5, iOS, Android) at the same time. In April 2016, three versions of LoMoCoin app has been unveiled one by one.

VIII. Related resources

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