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The world's first built-in crypto-currency LBS entertainment app

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entertainment app
which delivers new and
genuine treasure hunt experience

An O2O
ecosystem based on LoMoCoin

LMC is available
to be traded publicly ata third-party market and exchanged at any time

Built-in block-chain
crypto-currency system (LMC)

between players and
offline shops will
create a buzz for shops


  • Players can hunt treasure with real maps for free LMC
  • LMC can be traded or held for appreciation
  • LMC can be used for game prop purchase or offline payment
  • Shops and stores will set Mengdai with coupons and LMC inside
  • Players are attracted to shops for LMC collection
  • Popular shops in turn stimulate offline consumption by players

Top Diversified Team to Build LoMoCoin

Our project team brings together a dozen of experienced talents in
block-chain development, mobile app development and professional business operation


MBA of Tsinghua University

Expert of Internet marketing and operation


Ph. D. of Fudan University

Responsible for underlying block-chain development with dozens of years of experience in algorithmic research and program implementation and three years of experience in block-chain development

Product Manager


Successes in complicate application system
and online/mobile game industry respectively

App/back-end development

From Jinan University and Jilin University

Three or five years of development experience

Burgeoning LoMoCoin expects your participation. Please email to HR@lomocoin.com.
  • Transparent

    LoMoCoin, a genuine block-chain-based app and game product, ensures that all records are public and transparent, and are available for query and trace in block-chain.

  • Open

    LoMoCoin wallet source code is hosted on GitHub, which may be downloaded for analysis. Joint development of applications from all areas are embraced for a broader LMC ecosystem.

  • Unlimited future

    The brand new mechanism and ecosystem designed by LoMoCoin connects block-chain, Internet applications and real economy, promising a new commercial highlight.


1. Any purchase and ICO of LoMoCoin are subject to website announcements. If you have any questions, please contact official team.
2. Given high risks in virtual currency investment, official team discourages any speculation over LMC-labeled products.

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